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Power To The People

Learn how Search and AI-Driven Analytics is bringing a more democratized approach to data access and management for public sector applications from workforce insights to military readiness to disaster response and recovery and beyond.

White Paper

Modern vs Legacy BI: 6 steps to faster insights

A step by step guide to how the modern BI workflow compares with legacy BI.
In this book, we’ll explain how the modern BI workflow stacks up against legacy BI in six short steps, covering everything from loading data and data modeling to building dashboards and governing users and data.

White Paper

SpotIQ AI-Driven Insights

Learn about the technology behind SpotIQ and how it automatically spots hidden trends and patterns in data, learns what’s most important based on usage behavior, and delivers trusted and personalized insights.

White Paper

Relational Search: A New Paradigm for Data Analytics

What is search-driven analytics? Check out this overview of how it all works and see what ThoughtSpot can do for you.

White Paper

Search & AI-Driven Analytics – Top 10 Evaluation Criteria

Find out the top ten criteria that matters most as you evaluate search & AI-driven analytics solutions – everything from ease of use, search intelligence, automated insights, to scalability, and total cost of ownership.

Analyst Report

AI: The New BI

Read this report from Eckerson Group and ThoughtSpot to learn how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing BI & analytics.

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