Solutions for Manufacturing Analytics

Understanding on how to optimize your supply chain across vendor spend, supplier cost, location and products. With ThoughtSpot, anyone from your team can search to analyze billions of rows of data from any source - from distributor sales, to delivery estimates, inventory levels, even machine data - in seconds.

Why you need Spotrics for Manufacturing Services

Are you dealing with increasing costs in maintenance, fluctuations in commodity prices, margin pressures? Spotrics gives you the power of search-driven analytics so you can find insights on supply chain optimization and risk management in a matter of seconds.
Here's how:

Connect the dots

ThoughtSpot is adaptable to almost any available data source - requiring minimal data processing.

Lightening Fast

Get insights across large volumes of data over multiple data sources in seconds.

AI-Driven Insights

Use AI to get answers on questions about products, margins and stockouts you didn't even think to ask.

Highly Scalable

The ThoughtSpot platform grows as your customer base grows, so don't worry about scalability.

Advanced production analysis

Effectively measure production quality and effectiveness along with supplier, inventory and customer analytics.

Make better decisions

Secure timely information in a usable format to make better business decisions based on your company data.

What if you could instantly spot bottlenecks?

Speed is key. So you want to eliminate all bottlenecks as fast as possible.

Having analytics information about crucial aspects of your manufacturing process such as production capacity, operational performance and customer demand will dramatically improve process efficiency, while exposing areas for transformation.

Spotrics helps you implement ThoughtSpot for your business so you get granular insights so both manufacturing and procurement can make the right decisions based on data.

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Who can benefit?

Whether you're in Production, Procurement, Supply Chain or another department, you can significantly improve the quality of your work through granular insights that bring true value to your business. Here is how:


Get comparable and deep insights on key metrics like production time, quality, downtime analysis and much more.


Manage high capital risk and investment costs whilst dealing with margin pressure due to fluctuations in commodity pricing. Get answers from key metrics like costs, cost development and supplier reliability.

Supply Chain

Understand how to optimize your supply chain across vendor spend, supplier cost, location and products. Keep track of crucial drivers such as inventory turns, customer service level, supplier performance and more.

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