Modern vs Legacy BI: 6 steps to faster insights

A step by step guide to how the modern Bi
workflow compares with legacy BI.

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Philip Martinez

Modern vs Legacy BI

Today’s Business Intelligence (BI) leaders operate in an entirely new world. End-user expectations and data complexity are increasing by the day. Yet many companies still use legacy BI technology built decades ago for a much simpler IT-centric data environment.

Gartner’s latest report recommends that BI leaders look for a modern BI platform that are shifting away from basic reporting for technical users, and towards providing greater agility and accessibility for all.

In this book, we’ll explain how the modern BI workflow stacks up against legacy BI in six short steps, covering everything from loading data and data modeling to building dashboards and governing users and data.


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  • How modern BI workflow stacks up against legacy BI in 6 steps
  • Best practices for deploying a modern BI platform without a massive team of data experts
  • How leading enterprise customers are shortening time-to-insights from months to weeks

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