Solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences Analytics

With ThoughtSpot, anyone can search to analyze billions of rows of data from any source – from biometrics, to hospital inventory levels, patient results, even health sensors – in seconds. This allows your entire organisation to make smarter decisions based on data to improve patient care.

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What if you could analyze test results in seconds?

With ThoughtSpot, any doctor, lab technician or pharmaceutical can use the power of search to get instant answers from data on their questions.


Empower your entire organisation to make decisions that move your business forward to reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve the patient experience.


Spotrics helps you implement ThoughtSpot for your business so you get granular insights on test results, marketing analytics and sales performance.

Why you need Spotrics for Healthcare & Life Sciences

There's a whole new world of data out there - from biometrics, to hospital inventory levels, patient results, even health sensors. Discover a new way to make sense of it all and provide proactive patient care.

Connect the Dots

ThoughtSpot is adaptable to almost any available data source - requiring minimal data processing.

Lightening Fast

Get insights across large volumes of data over multiple data sources in seconds.

AI-Driven Insights

Use AI to get answers on questions you didn't even think to ask.

Highly Scalable

The ThoughtSpot platform grows as your customer base grows, so don't worry about scalability.

Improve your R&D

Visualize research data and develop insights in a matter of seconds. Integrate and analyze medical information to increase research productivity.

Make better decisions

Secure timely information in a usable format to make better business decisions based on your company data.

Who can benefit?

Whether you're a doctor, scientist, lab technician, or hospital manager, you can significantly improve the quality of your work through granular insights that bring true value to your business. Here is how:

Pharmaceutical Reps

Increase sales with instant access to physician data and patient outcomes for better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Hospital Managers

Maximize efficiency by analyzing staffing levels, patient turnover and hospital wait times, reducing costs and improving the patient experience.

Scientists & Researchers

Speed up drug discovery with the ability to analyze clinical trial results and historical genomics data, decreasing the time to market for life saving drugs.

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