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Solutions for Government Analytics

With ThoughtSpot, anyone can use search & AI to analyze billions of rows of data across all perspectives of your agency – from mission critical planning systems, authoritative financial systems of record or case management applications - in seconds.

Use Spotrics to boost your Government Mission

Get instant answers to data calls across billions of rows of data in seconds from any source – mission-critical planning systems, financial systems of records, case management applications, and more.

Connect the Dots

ThoughtSpot is adaptable to almost any available data source - requiring minimal data processing.

Lightening Fast

Get insights across large volumes of data over multiple data sources in seconds.

AI-Driven Insights

Use AI to get answers on questions you didn't even think to ask.

Highly Scalable

The ThoughtSpot platform grows as your customer base grows, so don't worry about scalability.

Pursue your Mission

Visualize research data and develop insights in a matter of seconds. We help you get ready to pursue and act on your mission.

Make better decisions

Secure timely information in a usable format to make better business decisions based on your company data.

Drive your mission with Search & AI-Driven Government Analytics

Spotrics strives to true self-service so you have control to move your mission forward.

Whether you’re a Program Manager, analyst or on the front-lines, you can get instant answers with ThoughtSpot, allowing you to truly meet the mandate to do more with less.

We help you implement ThoughtSpot so you get granular insights that move your mission or business forward.

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Who can benefit?

Whether you're a Program Manager, Analyst, or work the Front-line, you can significantly improve the quality of your work through granular insights that bring true value to your business. Here is how:

Program Manager

Improve Program performance with instant access to the status of program, scenario planning, financial metrics and the ability to respond to ad-hoc leadership inquiries on a daily basis.


Get instant answers to support your organisation's mission and identify bottlenecks to improve workforce planning and optimize the logistic support when time matters most.


Deliver an immediate response to scenario-planning taskers; reduce the days of data-collection responding to OMB and Congressional inquiries and deliver actionable insights to the front-lines.

Can we help?

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