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How are you using data analytics to secure a competitive advantage? Today's empowered customers use mobile and a variety of other new channels to compare and buy services anywhere, anytime. Are you using these new data signals to analyze and shape the direction of your company?

Why you need Spotrics for Financial Services

Understanding what products to sell to what customers with what channels isn't easy. Especially in a competitive market that requires continuous innovation to meet both consumers' needs and regulatory compliance requirements. We're here to help you overcome these challenges. Here's how:

True Self-Service

Unlimited users - no coding or deep training required

Lightening Fast

Get insights across large volumes of data over multiple data sources in seconds.

AI-Driven Insights

Use AI to get answers on questions about products, margins and stockouts you didn't even think to ask.

Highly Scalable

The ThoughtSpot platform grows as your customer base grows, so don't worry about scalability.

Deep Analysis

Get instant insights in the performance of new products and services and stay on top of customer trends in the market.

Make better decisions

Secure timely information in a usable format to make better business decisions based on your company data.

What if your brokers did their own loan analysis?

What if business intelligence was just as easy as searching on Google?

Would that enable you to make smarter decisions and improve your existing customer 360 initiative? With ThoughtSpot, every business person in your organisation can search to analyze billions of rows of data from any source – from stock prices, to loan rates, social media posts, even connected devices – in seconds. Yes, even your own brokers.

Spotrics helps you implement ThoughtSpot for your business so you get granular insights so you can use data to secure your competitive advantage.

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Who can benefit?

Whether you're in IT, Marketing, Finance or another department, you can significantly improve the quality of your work through granular insights that bring true value to your business. Here is how:


Get comparable and deep insights on key metrics like order volume, profitability and new business vs. return/expansion. Have a better understanding of what products to sell to what customers with what channels.


Reveal the impact of marketing efforts on key metrics like campaign performance, customer lifetime value, and lead conversion rates. Meet your customers' demands for a faster, seamless experience across various product / service engagements.


Reduce risk to help your bottom line by balancing and managing high capital risk, investment costs, and margin pressures.

Can we help?

Recognize yourself in the objectives and desires above? Then maybe we should have a conversation about it, as we can show you the way to achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.

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