Who we are

Spotrics' Mission

At Spotrics, we give the power of search to every business user. This allows them to find answers from their data by simply asking a question as if they were searching for it on Google.

As ThoughtSpot specialists with extensive expertise in Data Analytics, we help prepare and implement Search & AI-Driven Analytics for your business. Fast, simple and without any fuzz. And that's just how we like it.

Why we're different

We don't do BI.

Sure, things gotten a lot prettier. But Business Intelligence is still way too complex for the average business person. That's why we stay away from it as far as possible. Instead, we are humanising the way people interact with data, analytics and dashboards.

As part of Connecting the Dots and Cronos Group, we are well equipped to make our dream work: enable analytics at human scale.

BI & Digital Marketing Enablers

True Self-Service

Here at Spotrics, we truly believe in giving back control over company data, business analytics and digital marketing to the business user. That's why we partnered up with ThoughtSpot as a Self-Service Analytics tool and launched SPARK - A Digital Marketing Enablement Agency.

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