Search & AI-Driven Analytics

Ask Questions to Data.

Get Answers on the Spot.

Make it easy for anyone, regardless of technical skill, to get insights out of their data in a matter of seconds. Use the power of Search and AI to instantly answer ad-hoc data questions on the fly with a simple Google-like search bar.

Why Spotrics


Ask Questions in Natural Language

Have a conversation with your data. Gain insights in your company data, simply by asking questions in natural language. That's the power of ThoughtSpot's SearchIQ engine.

Search & AI-driven insights

Use a Google-like search to get granular insights on billions of rows of data fast. Or let Artificial Intelligence uncover insights from questions you might not have thought to ask.

Fast performance at scale

Use the power of ThoughtSpot's Falcon to calculate answers and generate insights out of 10s of billions of rows of data across multiple data sources and complex data models... all in a matter of seconds.

Unlimited Scaling

Unlimited users. Unlimited data scale. If you truly want your organisation to become more data-driven, you need a tool that empowers everyone in your organisation to find insights in your company data.

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True Self-Service

With ThoughtSpot, every Business Person can find insights hidden in your company data in seconds. Just ask any question, get an answer on the spot, or drill further down your data however you like.

AI-Driven Analytics

With the power of SPotIQ, you have the power of a 1.000 analysts in your hand. These AI-driven insights learn how you search data and automatically answer your next question.

Lightening Fast

ThoughtSpot was purpose-built from the ground up for Search & AI. This unique architecture provides you with lightning fast answers on 10s of billions of rows of data in seconds.

“ThoughtSpot's simple interface, speed and compute power enables us to reach thousands of business users across the organization and transform the culture of how people interact with data”

Mr RaybouldChief Data Officer - Nationwide
Data Strategy
13 maart 2020

Perfect Storm or Transformative Triumvirate: Data for Good, Data for Evil, and AI Ethics

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20 september 2019

Deploying ThoughtSpot in the Cloud Using Terraform and Ansible

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Product & Engineering
20 september 2019

The Art of Debugging Complex Systems

As read on ThoughtSpot's blog - Written by Rakesh Kothari Member of Technical Staff   The first bug ever reported in a computer program was actually a sizeable moth stuck…

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