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Search & AI-Driven Analytics

The adoption rate of Business Intelligence tools is still only at 30% - 40%. Legacy BI tools are still way too complex for the average business user. So, what if we could fundamentally transform the way your company uses data? What if finding insights in your data, was just as easy as searching on Google...

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Don't BI, Just Search

Anyone can ask any questions, find insights, and drill infinitely into their company data in seconds.

Interactive Dashboards

Search & AI make it easy for anyone to build interactive dashboards to drill anywhere


Questions or challenges with your data? Let our experts explain in a human way how they can help

Natural Language

SearchIQ, ThoughtSpot’s search engine let’s you ask your questions in natural human language

Answers Your ‘Next Question’

SpotIQ learns from your usage to surface hidden personalized insights. This is how you get answers on questions you didn’t even think to ask

Analyze at the speed of thought

Enable everyone in your organization, regardless of technical skills, to find insights and answers in your data


Lightening Fast

Extreme speed on 100s of billions of data rows

Extreme scalability

Massively parallel scale out architecture


Run anywhere, anytime


Enterprise-grade row-, column-, and object-level security for users and groups. Even the search suggestions are protected based on these rules

Unlimited Data Scale

Scale easily as your data needs grow. Data and searches are automatically load balanced across the servers for best performance


Easy interfaces for administrators to add users or groups, add new data sources, look at usage analytics or monitor uptime and performance metrics

Unlimited Users

We don’t nickel and dime on user licenses. Add as many users as you need!

High Availability

Built-in redundancy to handle disk or server failovers

Identity & Authentication

We support access and authentication using your enterprise credentials using LDAP and AD integration

Don't BI, Just Search