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If sales is the engine of your company - marketing is the fuel. Granular insights on key metrics like customer lifetime value, sales forecast accuracy, customer churn and product market share can provide your sales and marketing team with information that truly moves your business forward.

Why you need Spotrics to boost Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are more important than ever before in a world where new competition is rising every single day. Understanding your customers' needs, expectations and how they behave across location is crucial to make desicions that drive customer loyalty.

Go Omni-Channel

ThoughtSpot is adaptable to almost any available data source both online and offline - requiring minimal data processing for you to improve your omni-channel strategy.

Lightening Fast

Get insights across large volumes of data over multiple data sources in seconds.

AI-Driven Insights

Use AI to get answers on questions about products, margins and customer analytics you didn't even think to ask.

Highly Scalable

The ThoughtSpot platform grows as your customer base grows, so don't worry about scalability.

Advanced Customer Analytics

Effectively measure sales performance and effectiveness along with advanced customer analytics.

Make better decisions

Secure timely information in a usable format to make better business decisions based on your company data.

What if your marketers were also data analysts?

With ThoughtSpot, any marketer or sales person can use the power of search to analyze billions of rows of data from any source – from subscriber usage data, to social media posts, network levels and even connected devices – in seconds.

Whether you’re in subscriber marketing, customer care, pricing or store operations, you can get instant answers with ThoughtSpot.

Spotrics helps you implement ThoughtSpot for your business so you get granular insights so both manufacturing and procurement can make the right decisions based on data.

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Who can benefit?

Whether you're in Marketing, Sales, or Customer Support, you can significantly improve the quality of your work through granular insights that bring true value to your business. Here is how:


Get comparable and deep insights on key metrics like customer lifetime value, product market share and customer trend analytics in seconds. Turn your own marketers into data analysts.


Accurately forecast key metrics for sales such as new business vs. return/expansion, profitability and average deal size to improve your entire lead-to-sale funnel and more. Boost your sales by giving them the power of Search & AI-Driven Analytics.

Customer Support

Provide proactive customer care with instant access to customer complaints, network service issues and location data, reducing customer churn.

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