AI: The New BI

Read this report from Eckerson Group and ThoughtSpot to learn how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing BI & analytics.

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Philip Martinez

Analyst Report: AI - The New BI

We’re at the dawn of a new era in decision making made possible by the intersection of business intelligence and artificial intelligence. Rather than replace BI, AI will make BI more pervasive. AI-infused BI tools will be easier to use, generate more useful insights, and make business users more productive, saving companies time and money.

AI will not replace human decision makers. Instead, AI will free them to focus on value-added activities and make decisions with data rather than rely solely on gut instinct.

Read this report from Eckerson Group to learn about:

  • The benefits of AI-enabled BI
  • Where AI fits in the BI landscape and how AI is transforming BI
  • Recommendations for leveraging AI capabilities in BI

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